Register your model to our database

18 July 2014 | Ellen McRobie

The aim of the Modelling Consortium is to help improve scientific support for decision making by co-coordinating a wide range of research activities in mathematical modelling of the HIV epidemic. In order to do this we would like to invite you to include the details of your mathematical model to our model database.

As we plan future projects that will likely include multi-model collaborations we would like to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of who is modelling what and where and whether there would be an interest in participating.

The survey is very short, but we hope it will enable us to be systematic in constructing workshops, and seeking experts for consultations. 

If you would like to the details of your model(s) in HIV then please complete the following survey:

As you can see, our website we have begun to present the details of modellers in our database in the form of a map that shows which countries are currently being modelled by research groups. We hope that pooling these details and creating a reference point of who is currently working in certain areas will foster dialogue and research.

If you would not like the details of your model to be included on the website please send an email our administrator Ali Ayoub.