Modelling to be submitted to WHO for consideration in development of 2015 ARV guidelines revision

20 January 2015 | Ellen McRobie

Further to the modelling analyses that the HIV Modelling Consortium undertook in support of the 2013 consolidated guidelines, the HIV Modelling Consortium were approached by Meg Doherty, a member of the HIV MC Steering Committee, to investigate if modelling could once again by conducted for consideration in the development of the 2015 guidelines revision.

Further to consultations with the World Health Organization, and our network of mathematical modellers, it was agreed to progress with the following three work streams:

  • Priority setting for HIV care and treatment: a ‘population perspective’ - led by Dr. Jeffrey Eaton
  • Monitoring patients on antiretroviral therapy: modelling and economic evaluation of alternative policies - led by key partners Prof. Andrew Phillips (UCL) and Paul Revill (University of York)
  • Getting to 90-90-90: case-studies in delivery and implementation of scaling up ART—the example of home-based HIV counselling and testing in high prevalence settings - led by key partner Joshua Salomon

Work is currently in progress for each work stream and it is anticipated that findings from the work will be submitted to the Guidelines Review Committee for consideration in May 2015.