Methods for Generating Subnational Estimates of HIV Epidemiology Meeting Report

21 July 2014 | Ali Ayoub

Meeting Report

In March 2014 the HIV Modelling Consortium Secretariat held a meeting in Nairobi to discuss the utility of sub-national estimates of HIV epidemiology.

The aims of the meeting are listed as follows:

  • Review modelling methods for generating sub-national estimates of HIV epidemiology proposed by seven modelling groups;    
  • Reach agreement on whether to proceed with development of the recommended method, and if so, how to do this; and
  • Develop a research agenda based on data and analysis needs identified during discussions.   

A summary report in relation to the meeting in Nairobi including recommendations developed by UNAIDS and the HIV Modelling Consortium can now be downloaded here.


The HIV Modelling Consortium Working Group for Subnational Estimates of HIV is currently developing a manuscript including more technical aspects of the methods that were reviewed at the meeting, which will be available to download in due course.