Mathematical Models in Community Trials Meeting Report

10 December 2012 | Ellen McRobie

Strengthening the Use of Mathematical Models in Community Trials Meeting Report

In October 2012, the HIV Modelling Consortium held a workshop in Boston to discuss how to strengthen the use of mathematical models in Community Randomized-Control Trials (CRCTS).

The aims of the meeting are listed as follows:

  1. Extensively review models for community trial design, share and discuss plans for future model development and form plans for future collaborations (cross-country/cross-trial comparison).
  2. Develop an analysis protocol that will enable a rigorous review of initial model predictions to be compared with eventual trial results.
  3. Create a closer alignment between statisticians and modellers to enable best conduct of community trials and develop the field to allow integration of modelling into future trials.

The meeting report is available to download here.

Post-meeting opportunity: Model validation exercise

  • The HIV Modelling Consortium has since developed the protocol for model validation in community trials in response to the second aim of the workshop.
  • A call for submissions to participate in this exercise and further information can be found on the Model Validation Exercise page.
  • Deadline:  Friday 1st February 2013: Submission of model protocols.