Meeting to review HIV MC contribution to WHO 2015 Guidelines revision

The HIV MC held a meeting with representatives from the WHO to discuss modelling work to be submitted to Guidelines Review Committee in 2015.
Tuesday 14 April | London, UK

On Tuesday 14 April members of the HIV Modelling Consortium met with representatives from the World Health Organization to present the findings from the modelling work that has been conducted in support of the development of the 2105 ARV guidelines revision.

Jeffrey Eaton presented the results from his work stream investigating the rates and distribution of mortality at different stages of the cascade for care in a number of sub-Saharan African settings; modelling analyses were contributed by Eran Bendavid for Rwanda, Jack Olney for western Kenya, Andrew Phillips for Malawi, and Dan Klein & Anna Bershteyn for South Africa. In addition, Emma Slaymaker and George Reniers provided data analysis for the ALPHA Network Sites, as did Andrew Boulle for the Western Cape.

Andrew Phillips and Paul Revill presented the results from a work stream investigating the different patient monitoring strategies. The work was guided by a consultation meeting held in Harare with representatives from Ministries of Health from a number of countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The work presented will be developed into reports to be submitted to the Guidelines Review Committee for consideration in the guidelines process.