Modelling survey

The HIV Modelling Consortium aims to help improve scientific support for decision making by co-coordinating a wide range of research activities in mathematical modelling of the HIV epidemic.

We want to involve as many modelling groups as possible in the activities of the HIV Modelling Consortium and for this reason we would be very grateful if any HIV modelling research groups could use this online survey tool to describe their current activities. The survey is very short, but we hope it will enable us to be systematic in constructing workshops, making announcements about funding opportunities, and seeking experts for consultations. (If you are part of a research group, it would be best if you can arrange to fill in the survey to reflect all the interests in the group.)

We would also be grateful if you could distribute the link to this page further to ensure that it reaches as many HIV modelling groups as possible.

Please enter details about your current research about mathematical modelling and HIV so that we can keep you informed about relevant meetings, funding opportunities and new research.

Select as many as you want. These are active research interests on topics in which you would be willing to engage in immediate meetings and consultations. (We will refresh our records periodically.)
Briefly describe key interests. Provide URLs to selected papers on PubMed if it helps.