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Goodreau et al.

Steven Goodreau et al. (University of Washington)

Impact of biomedical prevention interventions, Drivers of epidemics (any region), Impact of combination prevention approaches, Impact evaluation, Impact of behaviour-based prevention interventions in sub-Saharan Africa, Modelling methodology, Epidemic Surveillance / Projections / Estimates, Demographic impact of epidemic MSM Stochastic network-based model
  • Goodreau SM, Carnegie NB, Vittinghoff E, Lama JR, Sanchez J, Grinsztejn B, Koblin BA, Mayer KH, Buchbinder SP. What drives the US and Peruvian HIV epidemics in men who have sex with men (MSM)? PLoS One. 2012;7(11): e50522.
  • Sullivan PS, Carballo-Dieguez A, Coates T, Goodreau SM, McGowan I, Sanders E, Smith A, Goswami P, Sanchez J. HIV Prevention Successes and Challenges for MSM. The Lancet. 2012;380(9839): 388-399.
Trans Sex Workers Model

Annick Bórquez (Imperial College London), Poteat T. and Wirtz A. (Johns Hopkins University), Radix A. (Callen Lorde Community Health Center), Silva-Santisteban A. (Universidad Cayetano Heredia, Peru), Deutsch M. (UCSF),  Islam Khan S. (Global Fund Bangladesh), Winter S. (University of Hong Kong), Operario D. (Brown University).

Impact of biomedical or behavioural interventions, patient monitoring): Impact of HIV combination prevention (PrEP, early ART treatment, increase in condom use with clients and stable partners, reduction in the number of commercial transactions) Trans sex workers, their clients and stable partners Deterministic compartmental
  • Poteat T, Wirtz AL, Radix A, Borquez A, Silva-Santisteban A, Deutsch MB, Khan SI, Winter S, Operario D. HIV risk and preventive interventions in transgender women sex workers. The Lancet. 2014;6736(14):60833-3