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HIV Synthesis Transmission Model for MSM

Andrew Phillips, Valentina Cambiano, Alec Miners, Fiona Lampe, Alison Rodger, Fumiyo Nakagawa, Alison Brown, Noel Gill, Daniela De Angelis, Jonathan Elford, Graham Hart, Anne Johnson, Jens Lundgren, Simon Collins and Valerie Delpech

Questions relating to treatment and prevention in MSM in the UK, cost effectiveness analysis Men who have sex with men in UK Individual-based dynamic stochastic simulation model including transmission
  • Phillips AN, Cambiano V, Nakagawa F, Brown AE, Lampe F, Rodger A, et al. Increased HIV Incidence in Men Who Have Sex with Men Despite High Levels of ART-Induced Viral Suppression: Analysis of an Extensively Documented Epidemic. PLOS ONE. 2013;8(2).
Andrew Phillips (andrew.phillips@ucl.ac.uk)
SSOPHIE - Synthesis Progression Model

SSOPHIE project working group in EuroCoord (University College London)

Reconstruction of HIV epidemics in Europe to then characterise the HIV-infected population in detail, assessment of effects of interventions, projections General population but currently adults only (plan to include children) initially in EU countries but approach can be used anywhere with case-based surveillance data available. Individual-based stochastic simulation model
  • Bansi L, Sabin C, Delpech V, et al. Trends over calendar time in antiretroviral treatment success and failure in HIV clinic populations. HIV Med. 2010;11(7):432-8 
  • Nakagawa F, Lodwick RK, Smith CJ, Smith R, Cambiano V, Lundgren JD, et al. Projected life expectancy of people with HIV according to timing of diagnosis. AIDS. 2012, 26:335–343
Andrew Phillips (andrew.phillips@ucl.ac.uk) Fumiyo Nakagawa (f.nakagawa@ucl.ac.uk)