Professor Geoff Garnett

Professor Geoff Garnett
Chair | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Professor of Microparisite Epidemiology | Imperial College London

Prof. Geoff Garnett works at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on improving the effectiveness of HIV programs and their sustainability in the context of generalized HIV epidemics. Geoff Garnett is also Professor of Microparasite Epidemiology at Imperial College London. His main area of research is the epidemiology and control of sexually transmitted infections. The development and analysis of mathematical models of the transmission dynamics of STDs provides a framework to analyse surveillance and survey data and observational cohort studies. Prof. Garnett’s main aims have been to develop and understanding of the patterns of sexual behaviour involved in STI spread and to understand the potential impact of behavioural and health care interventions.

With a background in population ecology, Prof. Garnett’s PhD was on the epidemiology of varicella-zoster virus; exploring the relationship between chickenpox and shingles and the impact of the varicella vaccine. Before taking up a faculty post at Imperial College London, Prof. Garnett held a Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship in Mathematical Biology and a Royal Society University Research Fellowship

Since 1990 Prof. Garnett has worked on the broad area of HIV and STD epidemiology, with projects on the demographic impact of AIDS; modelling sexual partner networks; the epidemiology of HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, herpes-simplex virus and human papilloma virus. Recent work has focussed on the potential impact of HPV vaccines the epidemiological consequences of antiretroviral treatments and the evaluation of HIV Prevention programmes.

Prof. Garnett has been an investigator on community randomised trials of HIV interventions in Zimbabwe and Peru and has been involved in the design and analysis of a number of sexual behaviour surveys in developed and developing countries. As Chair of the UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Models and Projections Prof. Garnett has played a part in developing the methods used in HIV surveillance globally.