About us

The HIV Modelling Consortium leads the coordinated interaction between modelling groups and policy makers, in conjunction with the targeted and responsive commissioning of new work. Its central objective is to help improve scientific support for decision-making by coordinating a wide range of research activities in the mathematical modelling of the HIV epidemic.

Our aims involve:

  • Identifying questions that demand mathematical modelling input and identifying new modelling results that may require further validation.

  • Facilitating sharing of information, modelling techniques, data and expertise between research groups.

  • Providing a forum for rigorous review of new mathematical modelling research and tools.

  • Providing funding through sub-contracts to commission research to address those needs.

A Steering Committee of leaders in HIV programmes and policy direct the focus of the work of the Consortium. For more information see 'How the Consortium works' and 'Steering Committee' pages.

The HIV Modelling Consortium is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through a grant to Imperial College London.

Although the number of new infections has been falling, the number of people living with HIV worldwide has increased.
UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, 2010
people were living with HIV in 2015